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  1. @Sbubby I personally never found Crunchyroll of Humble Bundle's readers convenient in any way. Just felt clunky to me. As for the other two, this is the first I've heard of them! Guess I always found Kodansha's digital offerings too multitudinous. Probably why I'm enjoying reading on here so far. Like you said, they're attempting to bring everything together. Hope this one sticks in the long term.

  2. They have, though. Crunchyroll, Izneo, INKR, Mangamo, even Humble Bundle. They definitely have been focusing on digital offerings full-force, it’s just that Azuki is trying to tie it all together.

  3. It's great to be able to read a brand new Kodansha manga without having to seek illegal scans from the bowls of the internet. Not only is the interface really clean, especially when it comes to double page spreads (which was a nice surprise considering how often they tend to be ignored on basically any kind of manga service), but it's wild considering I've been following Nakaba Suzuki since 2013 or so. Kodansha should have handed out the rights to their manga for a service like this ages ago!!