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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Azuki licenses all of our manga from official publishers and pays royalties back to them based on how many chapters you read. By reading manga on Azuki, you’re supporting creators, publishers, and localization staff!

Why are some series incomplete?

Many series from Kodansha USA are incomplete on Azuki due to the publisher’s licensing terms. We’re doing everything we can to complete them, but in the meantime you can add those series to your list (via the + My List button) to get notified when new chapters are released.

Are there any complete series on Azuki?

Yes! Most of our publishers provide series that are complete or up-to-date. You can find them on the home page, in the carousels for Kaiten Books, Star Fruit Books, Glacier Bay Books, and SOZO Comics.

When will my favorite series become available on Azuki?

We can’t make any promises since series availability depends on our licensing negotiations with publishers. However, if there’s a series you would like to see on Azuki, or a series you would like to see more of, feel free to let us know via our support portal, Discord server, or our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)!

What can I do to support creators I like?

By subscribing to Azuki and reading series on Azuki, you’re already supporting the creators, publishers, and localization staff. Azuki pays royalties to publishers based on (anonymized) readership, so specifically reading series by creators you like means contributing more to those creators and their publishers!

Additionally, if there are creators you would like to support beyond your Azuki subscription, let us know by filling out this form! We’ll see what we can do.