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Breathe Deeply

X Saibou wa Fukaku Iki o Suru - Energy

A battle ensues over life and death, belief and science, ethics and progress. Two boys, Sei and Oishi, fall madly in love with Yuko. When her untimely death wreaks havoc in their young lives, bitter memories cease to fade, and their tender hearts cling to the dream of a world where debilitating illnesses disappear in the face of science. But what would happen if they discovered that all they believed was a lie? Is there still a chance that their suffering may end? Will mercy and love prevail?




Author: Doton Yamaaki Translated by Glenn Anderson Special thanks to: Ryo Yoshida, Ph.D. Associate Professor Department of Materials Engineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo Yusuke Abe, MD, Ph.D Department of Biomedical Engineering Graduate School of Medicine The University of Tokyo Professor Umezu Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Waseda University Fumiyuki Hattori Ph.D. Published by One Peace Books

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