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Cooking With Wild Game

Isekai Ryouridou, 異世界料理道

Chef Trainee Asuta Tsurumi was just a normal Japanese teenager, until one day the harassment against his family’s restaurant went too far. Desperate to save his father’s precious cooking knife, he dove headfirst into a sea of flames. Rather than waking up in the afterlife, though, he found himself in a whole new world entirely! Fortunately for our hero, he soon gets picked up by the huntress known as Ai Fa. This guardian angel packs some attitude, though, so it won’t be all smooth sailing for Asuta! Plus his savior seems to have some issues of her own to worry about, too... Just how well will our rookie chef be able to parlay his skills in this utterly unfamiliar world? And with all the danger lurking around, will he even be able to survive long enough to put them to the test?! Come learn a thing or two about Cooking with Wild Game!




Cooking With Wild Game (Manga) Vol. 1-9 Translated by Gwendolyn Warner Edited by Adam Fogle Lettered by Kai Kyou

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