I Got Married to a Man I Can't Stand Manga – Azuki
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I Got Married to a Man I Can't Stand

"Ms. Aoi, I'll do anything if it's for you." Even though he should be someone I hate, why is my heart pounding...!? Aoi has a few secrets - not only is she the daughter of a prestigious family, she has a fiancé. The person her parents decided on is Masaomi, the exquisitely handsome heir to a large corporation. "He's always had such a creepy smile. I can never tell what he's thinking about. I absolutely refuse to marry someone like that!" That's what she always thought, but... her parents forced to live with Masaomi!? Though troubled by the sudden cohabitation, she gradually comes to learn of the considerate Masaomi's kindness and earnestness... A story of misunderstanding, between a girl who is afraid of romance and a high-spec heir!



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