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The Horrors of Noroi Michiru

For the first time ever, the master of horror Noroi Michiru is available in English! This two-volume collection includes his one-shots, with each page rendered in exquisite detail to showcase his splendid artwork — each panel worthy of being framed. Noroi Michiru's aesthetic is impressive in that it conforms to Western expectations, both amongst illustrated covers and also pages of narrative — focused, realistic anatomy, as opposed to more exaggerated, fanciful forms. His concepts, artwork and narratives are as admirable as the efforts of Junji Ito, but his circulation, and consequently his fanbase, has mainly been exclusive to Japan.



Translation: Dan Luffey Retouch & Lettering: Abbassi Ameur (@AmeurAbsi) Project Manager: Matt Haasch (@Haaschimoto) Special thanks to Brigitte Colbert

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