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The Tenth Prism


"In a distant time, a small country -- the "Land of Bones" -- discovers a strange technology, and plunges the world into fear and despair." Since the dawn of time, the Kingdom of Karan -- loved by its inhabitants and neighbors alike -- has existed in peace and in harmony with nature. But now, the kingdom has fallen and its citizens have scattered. Karan's sole hope? A small boy -- Prince Tsunashi. Despite his reluctance to accept the challenges of reviving Karan, Tsunashi's right eye patch hides the mark of the prophesied savior: THE EYE OF GOLD. Threatened by the intensifying advance of the fearsome and mysterious Land of Bones, a skillful ploy by a vassal allows Tsunashi to discover and harness his legendary ability hidden underneath the eye patch -- and fight to save his kingdom.



Author: Masahito Soda, Kanaka Mizuki Artist: Masahito Soda

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