A Devotion That Changes Worlds Manga – Azuki
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A Devotion That Changes Worlds

Hatsukoi Double Edge, 初恋ダブルエッジ

“All men are wolves! They’re aiming to eat girls! If I’m going to get eaten, then I’d rather get eaten by a cool wolf!!” Yoh, who believes that all men are terrible beasts, one day meets her perfectly ideal man, a working adult who goes by “Tono”. The instant they meet, Yoh decides to confess her feelings…!! Due to a past trauma, Yoh is plagued by her phobia of men and she publicly announces her hatred for the other gender. She may hate them, but at the same time, she wants to experience love. Her love itself is a contradiction, yet the two strangers began to close their distance. This is a story packed with dangerous romantic comedy centering around a double-edged love!




English Translation: Debbie Fu / SKY JAPAN, INC / YKS Services, LLC Lettering: Mary Faye Matuguinas

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