Crescent Moon Marching Manga – Azuki
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Crescent Moon Marching

Mikazuki March, みかづきマーチ

To escape the stress of city life, high school, and her overbearing mother, Mizuki runs away from home to spend spring break with her aunt. But her future is looming and she still has no idea what she’s interested in… until she crosses paths with Akira, a high school trumpet player who introduces her to the world of marching band! Music, movement, and the passions of youth collide in a breathtaking coming-of-age tale for fans of Sound! Euphonium and Whisper of the Heart!


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Translator: Arthur Miura Lettering: Barri Shrager Proofreader: Gergő Rácz Quality Assurance: D.S. Jay Cover Design: Glen Isip Brand Manager: Evan Minto Production Manager: Cynthia Kim

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