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Natsume & Natsume

Natsume and Natsume, Natsume to Natsume, なつめとなつめ

Natsume Shiranui has the face of a villain. From strangers on the street to his own high school classmates, his creepy grin freaks everybody out. But secretly he yearns to be a hero like his childhood friend — the kind, brave, and beautiful Natsume Minazuki. Can he become her hero, or is he destined to always be the one getting rescued? From the creator of The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes, Natsume & Natsume is a wholesome romantic comedy about becoming a hero for the person you love.


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Translation: M. Skeels Lettering: Chana Conley Proofreading: Ken Urata, Jan Mitsuko Cash Cover Design: Glen Isip Quality Assurance: D.S. Jay Brand Manager: Evan Minto Production Manager: Adela Chang & Cynthia Kim Original Cover Design: Kyufa Cho + Yasuhisa Kawatani (kawatanidesign)

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