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Tsukiko and the Satellite and other stories

This is the first English-language collection from the Kyoto-based Japanese painter and comic creator “MISSISSIPPI”. Five dreamy sci~fi short stories that bring to life small, everyday moments: a long wandering father returns home; an unusual guest joins a woman on her evening “alone”; a bike repair job that’s more than meets the eye; a summer laborer becomes acquainted with a mysterious girl; a contemplative rumination after cleaning the aquarium. This collection includes works produced from 2014 to 2019: Tsukiko and the Satellite, Audrey Hepburn 2049, Supermoon, David, Down the Uji River, and was published through careful collaboration with the author. Note: The first chapter of this series is read right-to-left, like most manga. The rest of the chapters are left-to-right, like most English-language comics.