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Series Chapter Date
A Side Character's Love Story Chapter 72
Nobo and her? Chapter 45
I'm a (Fake) Saint Who Was Summoned to Another World, But Apparently I'm Fated to Die If I Don't Marry the Prince Chapter 5
Gourmet Glutton Chapter 113-115
Thank You, My Mistakes. Chapter 6
Mr. (Former) Yakuza is in Over His Head with Me, and I Can’t Escape Him. Chapter 5
Drifting Net Cafe Chapter 48
Paranoia Cage Chapter 38
Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga Chapter 60
GUT'S Chapter 34
You’re So Sloppy, Hotta-sensei Chapter 8
Mecha-Ude: Mechanical Arms Chapter 33
The Diary of Ochibi-san Chapter 216-220
Our Aimless Nights Chapter 12